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Tasman Glacier Snowshoeing

Tasman Glacier Snowshoeing

Time of year - Spring, Early Summer and Winter

Our classic fly-in, fly-out Glacier Snowshoeing combines the excitement of exploring the mighty Tasman Glacier and two scenic flights. We fly by the famous Mt Cook Ski-planes to access the upper Tasman glacier region. Using these amazing aircraft, we are able to access and explore the world famous Tasman Glacier where it runs beside the biggest mountains in New Zealand, including Aoraki Mount Cook, and where it often creates spectacular  snow and ice formations.
Equipped with snowshoes and walking poles, we board our aircraft. Traveling high above the amazing icebergs of the Tasman Glacier Lake, we fly past the famous Hochstetter Ice Fall and the east face of Aoraki/Mount Cook.  We land on the upper Tasman Glacier, surrounded by a group of the most impressive mountains in New Zealand. And this is where we begin our adventure and exploration.

The landing site is situated on a remote and exceptionally beautiful part of the glacier, usually Upper Neve, Back Basins or Climber Col snow landing strips. Outfitted with specially designed equipment for these snow conditions by your guide, the adventure of hiking on the glacier begins. Your guide leads you on the glacier snowshoeing, which enables you to explore the amazing formations. Your guide will also give informative facts about the Tasman Glacier, how it flows and what makes the crevasses and sink-holes appear, as he/she guides you around them.
We meet at The Old Mountaineers’ Café Bar, next door to the DOC visitor information centre at 9am.

Cost: $750 per person. Minimum of 4 people.
Credit Card details are required to secure bookings. Book at top of page

There are so many exciting features on the Tasman Glacier and the scenery of the Southern Alps will impress you beyond expectations. Weather permitting, glacier walking time is about one to two hours.
Please note that this is a natural and ever-changing environment, so there is no guarantee that specific features will be seen.
Minimum of four people required for the trip to go ahead.

Fitness level required: low to moderate
Trip Duration: Approximately three - four hours
Cost: NZ$750pp. This includes guide fee, aircraft flights, any gear you require, snowshoes, safety equipment, permit fees and GST.


Our guides are members of The New Zealand Mountain Guides Association
Contact: Southern Alps Guiding – ph: 0274 34 22 77. Email: mountcook@xtra.co.nz Situated at The Old Mountaineers Café, next door to the DOC Visitor Info Centre.



We reserve the right to cancel or change any part of any trip. This could be due to adverse snow, avalanche, mountain or weather conditions or any other mountain related scenario. We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy which means that if WE cancel the trip due to any of the above conditions will give you a full refund. If you decide not to do the trip within 24 hours of the trip start time for any reason (you sleep in, have a vehicle breakdown, an unexpected illness or injury etc) or we cancel your booking because of client unsuitability due to poor fitness or health there will be no refund. Please ensure you have travel insurance to cover all potential cancellation scenarios.

I am aware that participating in the mountain, alpine, sub alpine and skiing activities offered by Southern Alps Guiding Limited (SAG) or Aoraki Mt Cook Guiding Limited (AMCG) can be hazardous if they are not conducted with care, control and responsibility. I acknowledge that these risks could result in my injury (physical or mental) or even death.

I accept that this activity inherently involves risks and potential hazards. The risks and hazards include, but are not limited to
1 Aircraft malfunction
2 Snow and/or ice or rock avalanches
3 Crevasses
4 Mixed snow conditions (crust, powder, ice, wet)
5 Shallow snowpack with hidden rocks
6 Burial by avalanche
7 Crevasse fall due to snow bridge failure
8 Crevasse fall due to skiing outside the guides safety directions
9 Suffocation due to burial in an avalanche
10 Trauma due to avalanche involvement
11 Trauma due to impact with rocks above or below the snow
12 Trauma due to poor skiing technique by myself

Medication/health conditions
I have informed the staff of SAG and AMCG (or will, prior to undertaking the activity) of any medical conditions, previous injuries and any medication I am currently taking which may affect my ability to undertake the activity.
I confirm I am physically fit and able to participate in the activities and I have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.
I consent to receive any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary by SAG or AMCG in the event of injury, accident or illness while undertaking the activities.
I understand it is my responsibility to disclose any conditions (health or otherwise) that may affect the safety and enjoyment of myself and those around me.

Conditions of participating in activity
• I agree to participate in activities with care, and obey the rules set out by and instructions given by the guide (or a representative of SAG or AMCG), at all times.
• I accept that if I do not adhere to the instructions and rules, or if I act dangerously, recklessly or in a way that might endanger myself or others, SAG or AMCG may remove me from the activity. If this occurs, I acknowledge I will not receive a refund.
• I accept that SAG or AMCG reserves the right to cancel this activity if it becomes concerned for my safety, or the safety of another person.
• I agree to wear appropriate clothing and use/wear all safety clothing and equipment (as required by the guide) at all times when participating.

Limited Liability of SAG or AMCG
• I understand that if I act recklessly or intentionally, and don’t follow the rules or instructions set out by SAG or AMCG and the guide, which I have been made aware of, SAG or AMCG will not be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss I cause to myself/my property, or another person/their property, resulting from my action (or lack of action).

Terms of use
This Risk Disclosure has been developed by Southern Alps Guiding Limited and Aoraki Mt Cook Guiding Limited.

Liability of landowner
• I agree that the owner(s) of the land on which the activity is conducted will not be held responsible for any death, injury, misadventure, damage to or loss of property caused in whole or part by these activities.

Damage to property or equipment
• In the event that I damage any of the clothing or equipment, or other property owned by SAG or AMCG or a landowner, I agree to pay to SAG or AMCG (or the landowner) all costs associated with repairing the damage.

• I confirm I am not under the influence of intoxicating alcohol or drugs (be they legal or illegal) which may in any way impair my ability to undertake the activity.

• I give SAG or AMCG permission to send me emails and/or post relating to SAG or AMCG events and promotions, as well as the right to use all photos and videos of me taken during the activity for promotional and social media purposes.

I agree that by signing this ‘Understanding the Risks form’:
1. I accept there are inherent risks and hazards associated with participating in the activity and I understand what these risks are (including serious harm and death);
2. I am physically and mentally fit to participate and there is nothing I am aware of that will affect my ability to safely participate, or impact the safety of other participants.
3. I wish to proceed with the activity at my own risk.
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